Waves of Death is a first person shooter game (FPS) for phone, tablet, PC and consoles. Developed in 3D on Unreal Engine® it is offered in VR or in traditional mode.

This game of «survival» with a time limit to increase the stress of the player has 25 levels in which to reach the highest score. The player has to advance and survive against hordes of zombies and skeletons more and more powerful, and resistant.


A whole world of horror emerges from beyond the grave.


The interface is easy to use. The game has been particularly neat in terms of interactivity and playability. There are many game options and shooting situations offering the player a good dose of adrenaline. An «under 18» mode offers young players a game experience with less gory effects.

There are two levels of difficulty. Scores are recorded online. The player can see his ranking amongst all use.





weapons Throughout the adventure, the player is offered new weapons, always more powerful and more effective.These weapons are unlocked at the end of the winning game and, above all, according to the number of points obtained. enemies There are numerous enemies that fall into two categories: zombies and skeletons that have been dead for even longer. Their power changes during the game and some of them can handle weapons. By definition, the zombies are slow but they move in numbers. They like to make human contact and approach Jake to try to devour him. Some are more intelligent and may use weapons, but they are rare and appear in the very last levels. They are usually present in the city or on the main roads. The skeletons are generally faster and better equipped. Coming from the most ancient cemeteries, they are from an era when swords were used as weapons in battle. They wear protection, use shields and are particularly good at fighting. They are generally present in the countryside, around big cities, in villages or forests. Some, more dangerous, live in the catacombs ...


Magazine : 41 rounds

Caliber: 4.6 × 30mm

Muzzle velocity : 735 m/s

Effective firing range : 200m

Fire modes : semi / full auto

Fire rate : 950 rpm





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